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Breastfeeding In Public… And On Sesame Street?

The radio program AirTalk on KPPC (which my dad listens to in Los Angeles and sent my way) recorded this show on breastfeeding on Sesame Street and its broader public implications. Apparently, in the 1970s, breastfeeding was depicted on the children’s show Sesame Street in order to help educate children about how breastfeeding is normal and healthy. This ceased in the 1990s, but now there is a petition circulating to reintroduce breastfeeding on the show in order to take advantage of its wide viewership. The radio show host was joined by a gender studies professor at USC who discussed the sexualization and commodification of breasts, as well as hosting multiple nursing mothers who wished to contribute their perspectives on nursing. The conversation touched on important topics such as the public stigmatization of breast feeding and how difficult it can be for new mothers who agree with the logic but whose bodies are not (yet) cooperating. Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding as Birth Control

While this may be common knowledge among those who have beautiful milk-filled breasts, I was surprised recently when breastfeeding was mentioned in one of my workshops as a method of birth control.  After going to the trusty internet, I was amazed at what I found – for 6 months after birth, breastfeeding will be almost as effective as the pill at preventing pregnancy. has the whole story, but here are the basics: Continue Reading →