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Hard Relationship Truths

Knowing if and when to end a relationship is one of the toughest things about relationships. Part of the problem is that every relationship is different, so no amount of relationship advice will apply to each situation (except, perhaps, Plato’s “Know thyself”). We’re also not exposed to a lot of healthy, realistic models for ending relationships; pop culture is full of dramatastic break-ups after which the lovers realize they’re miserable without each other so they get back together (or self-destruct, or destroy each other; you see where I’m going with this). Learning to face hard relationship truths can help mitigate some of these problems. I was pleased to discover a convenient list of hard relationship truths in a Captain Awkward post that is, on the surface, about managing a difficult non-monogamous relationship. However, there are also these gems, on which I encourage everyone to meditate:

You can have really good sex with people who are not good partners for you. Continue Reading →