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What a Fashion Publicist Can Teach You About Sex

In an effort to not forget some of the wise advice I’ve read over the past year, I’ve recently been rereading certain chapters of books I’ve flagged on my bookshelf. (Side note: Never borrow a book from me; they’re all marked up with pen and flagged with neon Post-it notes.)

Getting to the point: I was rereading Kelly Cutrone’s book, Normal Gets You Nowhere, and forgot how completely fantastic (not to mention hysterical!) her second chapter is. The title? “THE KELLA-SUTRA: If You’re Not Getting Fucked by Midnight, Go Home.” Continue Reading →

Accidentally In The Erotic Books Section

Being sex positive certainly does make my life a little more interesting sometimes. I was killing some time in a book store the other day and ended up accidentally sitting near the erotica section (and yes, it was an accident, I’d freely admit it if I was there on purpose). I sat down by the fitness section because the café was completely full and it seemed like an out of the way place I could occupy for forty minutes. I didn’t realize that the fitness section was next to the erotica section until two teenage girls showed up and started reading titles and giggling excessively. They didn’t particularly seem to mind my presence, and basically acted as if I was not there at all. Continue Reading →

Polyamory Resources

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and research around non-monogamy and polyamory lately, and wanted to share a few books and resources I’ve found. First, I found this wonderful resource, which is akin to an FAQ for people who are considering polyamory.  It’s written by, so I don’t know if there’s an ulterior motive, but it seems like a very useful resource for people who are questioning their mono-centric culture. Next, my Facebook friend posted this fascinating visual representing the different types of non-monogamy.  Because I appreciate visual representations of data, I really enjoyed thinking about all the different intersections that this explored.  For those who are confused, it is really like a mutant Venn diagram with many different overlaps. Continue Reading →

Sex On The Brain: Royal Family Incest, Labia Lift, Muffia & their Merkins, Sexy Book of Sex, Our Bodies Our Junk & More

- National Geographic explores incest within Royal Families
- The Guardian takes a look at the Muffia performance artists, who reveal their merkin-clad (over their undies and/or body stockings)
- Love the title of this new book: Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk and looking forward to reading it. – You can listen to an audio interview with me about birth control pills. It’s on the Medill School of Journalism’s web site. – This adorable dress would be perfect for a romantic picnic in the park. I’m thinking of getting it (just wish it had pockets!)
- My friend, Rama, told me about The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex which looks like a must-read. Continue Reading →

A Mini Review: The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex

Each member of my school’s sexual health education group was given a summer reading assignment. Mine was a lengthy one: The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, by Cathy Winks and Anne Semans. Though I haven’t read the book in its entirety (come on guys, it’s long, and the book itself is HUGE), I have read enough sections to truly sing its praises. I was particularly impressed with this edition’s 20 page chapter on masturbation. While most sex manuals give a nod to masturbation, Semans and Winks literally devote an entire chapter to it. Continue Reading →

Amazon Fail: Is Amazon Burying Sex or GLBT Books?

Earlier today I was getting ready to go for a run or hit the gym (I hadn’t yet decided) when all craziness broke out on Twitter. Audacia Ray and Rachel Kramer Bussell started twittering about how sales rank data had disappeared from their book listings on Amazon. This caught my attention, as I noticed that earlier this week, it suddenly became very difficult for me to even find my book, Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction, on Amazon. While I used to be able to find it by searching using my last name “herbenick”, now when I did that all I saw was my mom’s cookbook, my uncle’s academic books and other non-sex books. Where had my book gone? Continue Reading →