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Weight Commentary And Thin Privilege

Because our culture equates thinness with beauty, it’s supposed to be a compliment when someone says, “Have you lost weight?” Indeed, we’re conditioned to feel good when we hear those words, as though we’ve accomplished something. I don’t mean to downplay the sense of accomplishment of people who have been trying to lose weight, and have made progress, but rather to question why it’s acceptable to comment on someone’s weight in this fashion. See, I’m beginning to think it’s hypocritical to encourage comments on losing weight, while saying that it’s rude to comment on someone’s body that’s overweight. Part of what got me thinking was this RoleReboot post on thin privilege, and part of it was recently having the experience of someone asking me if I’d lost weight. Continue Reading →

Learn To Love Your Body At A Korean Spa

This week, while I was visiting my family in Los Angeles, some of the female family members took a trip to a Korean spa. One of my relatives had done it before, and spoke glowingly of the experience. She warned us to prepare for a bit of culture shock (we’re Jewish-American, not Korean), but it was hard to prepare for the actual experience. I’ve written in the past about nudity in Estonian saunas, and how I acted like an atypical American by being totally okay in that context. The Korean spa experience was similar and different in certain ways. Continue Reading →

When Our Bodies Change

All human bodies go through some measure of change, because we all start as infants and, depending on factors such as life span and sex, go through a number of changes related to reproductive capacities, aging, and illness. I wonder, however, whether contemporary Western culture, with its emphasis on conformity and fashion, forces us to pay more attention to our changing bodies. If the current trend is skin-tight-whatevers, gaining or losing five pounds would make a huge difference in what you can wear. The capitalist and commercialist aspects of modern America also play a role in how we perceive our changing bodies. Try this weight-loss diet! Continue Reading →