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Whether It’s “Appropriate” To Talk/Write/Blog About Sex

I am occasionally seized with fear that someone will find it “inappropriate” that I talk and blog and write about sexuality as much as I do. While recently reading Mary Roach’s book Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, it struck me how many sex researchers have been vilified as perverted freaks for being interested in what is, in the end, a near-universal human bodily and social phenomenon. However, upon further inspection, I believe that “inappropriateness” complaints can be filed into one of two categories, which can tell us something about what is actually being criticized or covered up. The first reason someone might call something sexual “inappropriate” is due to a belief about what the “appropriate” context for sexual stuff might be. So, they might not want their kids to see nudity in a movie, or be exposed to words that describe sexual acts or body parts. Continue Reading →

Blogging And Gender

A recent study found that men and women are blogging in pretty much equal numbers; however, the topics on which they blog tend to be split down gender lines (for instance, more women write cooking and mothering blogs, while more men write political blogs). Perhaps the numbers will even out in the future, but at least it appears that both men and women are equally accessing and utilizing the internet as a resource. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

One Year Of Sex Blogging

One year ago I began writing for and since then, I’ve learned a lot. I thought I would write a little about the journey this year’s taken me on, so that readers can get a glimpse into the world of sex blogging. For one thing, I’ve learned to only call it “sex blogging” when I want to get someone’s attention (as I shamelessly have done in the title of this post). This is partly because while yes, I write about sex, I write about lots of other topics too: gender roles, different cultures, feminist theory, pop culture & subculture news, and folklore. All of these things relate to sex, or else I wouldn’t be writing about them here, but saying that I only write about sex would be reductionistic. Continue Reading →