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Why Isn’t Anyone Worried About Bisexuals Getting Married?

After the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA and Prop 8, moving the U.S. closer to large-scale legal acceptance of gay marriage, I have to wonder: why hasn’t there been much fuss over bisexuals getting married? I wonder this, of course, with my tongue thoroughly lodged in my cheek, and because it exposes some of the hypocrisies and contradictions in the arguments against gay marriage. I’m not sure if the anti-gay-marriage folks realize this, but bisexual people have been getting married for a while now – they just happen to be marrying people of the opposite gender/sex assignment. And yet, bi folks have the potential to have “swung the other way” and ended up in a union with someone of the same sex/gender assignment (assuming that they’re into monogamy in the first place). In a sense, it’s almost as though non-heterosexual people have already been getting married… Continue Reading →

Bisexuality Explained

This Youtube video briefly but brilliantly says what bisexuality is and what it is not. It is simply being attracted to both men and women. It is not anything more than that. That’s it. When someone who identifies as bisexual ends up in a relationship with a man or a woman, she or he is not selling out or giving up or picking men over women or vice versa; they simply happened to choose to love that individual. Continue Reading →

A Bisexual Manifesto

This bisexual manifesto says it all: why, even if people who identify as bisexual don’t conform to expected behaviors or stereotypes, their sexual identities are still valid and to be respected. Thanks to @DavidForbes for the link. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Bisexuals Love Puns – and Bi the Way, A Few Myths

As someone with a large amount of bisexual friends and also as a sex educator, I’ve heard so many myths about bisexual individuals (amongst other entertaining rumors!). AlterNet writer Anna Pulley recently wrote about 9 Stupid Myths About Bisexuals That Will Make You Laugh and it definitely had me giggling in more than one place. Continue Reading →

Candy Magazine Does It Again! Crossdressing James Franco

As if I wasn’t already interested enough in what Candy Magazine was up to (not to say anything about how interested I was in what James Franco was up to), the cover of the Fall/Winter edition of the magazine has a heavily made-up and 80s power-suited Franco, a photograph shot by the known fashion and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. Franco has made buzzworthy news recently, after discussing his sexuality with The Advocate in an issue of which he also appeared on the cover; he’s also engaged in some other “questionable” public events, such as the french kiss with Adam Lambert on SNL following his role as a gay youth in the gay activist film Milk. Continue Reading →