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In Testing: New Birth Control Method For Men

Many men are disappointed with their lack of contraception options: between the barrier method and vasectomy lie few other choices. A new method (RISUG) is being tested, which entail a one-time reversible injection that prevents sperm from penetrating the egg. The procedure would take five minutes and be effective for at least ten years. Check out the petition at to keep up with developments or get involved. Continue Reading →

I’m Glad We’ve Moved Past That: The History And Future Of Birth Control

Not surprisingly, I will often read anything that I find on the internet that has to do with birth control. So I was fairly intrigued by this article on The History and Future of Birth Control. It features some of the more, shall we say, colorful methods of contraception that have been used in times past including wood blocks and crocodile dung. However, it also contains some of the ideas for future development, mainly in the field of non-barrier methods for men. If some of these methods turn out to be effective, it could revolutionize contraceptives all over again, particularly if they turn out to be less dangerous than the hormonal contraceptives we already have for women. Continue Reading →