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Man ejaculates on passenger during flight

This is beyond inappropriate:
"A 21-year-old Harris County woman filed a $200,000 lawsuit against American Airlines alleging employees on a flight to Los Angeles from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport failed to protect her while she slept from another passenger who masturbated to her and ejaculated in her hair, according to a lawsuit she filed last week in Tarrant County." (read the full article here)
How traumatizing for the young woman. We are all so vulnerable when we are asleep and it was terrible of that man to take advantage of her. That said, I’m not quite sure what others could have necessarily done to "protect her" while she slept. There are many passengers on most planes and few flight attendants - they can’t possibly memorize who is sitting where and thus who has changed seats. It is likely that this man was not masturbating to be seen by others, but was masturbating for his own internal pleasure – and thus likely concealing it well from everyone around him (including the flight attendants). Continue Reading →


One of the nice things about anonymous Q&A columns is that they are anonymous. Women and men who have questions about their sex life send me emails to various email accounts, or else they write me letters. A few have even called (really, though, no need to Google my office # – I rarely pick up). Apparently the fact that such columns are anonymous has made, at least in one instance, an easy and unfair target out of one woman:
Case in point:
Some time ago I received a letter for my weekly Time Out Chicago column from a woman who was upset about a blog post written by her then-boyfriend. Given how common this issue is nowadays (thanks to MySpace blogs, Facebook "notes", and Blogger and WordPress blogs), I thought it made sense to print and respond to the letter (you can read the column here). Then yesterday, as I was preparing to leave Puerto Rico (sad!!!), I see a comment from reader Ed (and a few emails from others) letting me know that Gawker implied the letter was from a contributing writer for Time Out New York, a woman by the name of Julia Allison. Continue Reading →

Foreign service officer pressured visa applicants for sex?

In yet another example of someone using their status or job to pressure people who have less power to have sex with them, a male US foreign service officer – according to the Associated Press – pressured female visa applicants in Brazil and in the Congo to have sex with him and to tape him having sex with other women and girls (possibly as young as age 15). Read the full AP article by Matthew Barakat here. Continue Reading →

Old and “unpalatable” – really?

Even bad press is good press, but still – why are vulva puppets "unpalatable"? I believe that learning about sexual health is important and that vulvas and penises (even in puppet form) are definitely "palatable." People learn in different ways and sometimes using fun props are a good way to teach people about their health. Read the full article by Joanne Weintraub of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the mention about my puppet-bearing appearance, on this web site. Continue Reading →

And here we’re worried about the writer’s strike?

Interesting quote about the sex worker strike in Cameroon:
"We have therefore decided to remain indoors until the population, especially the men in uniform who frequent us most, see the need to respect and protect prostitutes", Mother Suzy said, adding that prostitution is an ordinary profession, like others, with the quest for money at the core."
The article describes the situation that prompted the sex worker strike in which many sex workers were beaten quite badly "and everyone, including regular customers, abandoned them" – which may bring on bad sex karma. Don’t you think people should take care of their sex partners (paid or unpaid)? Where is the love? Read the full article here. Continue Reading →

Skeevy men on airplanes

While traveling, I try to catch up on work – research, reading, teaching lectures and sometimes writing blog posts in word docs so that when I am on layover or when I get home, I can post my blogs and not keep you waiting.  All I’m going to say on this topic is that right now I have been on a plane for nearly two hours. The man next to me has not spoken a word to me the entire time – that is, until I just wrote that blog about analingus (see below). I noticed that he was spying on my laptop, likely reading as I was writing about the condoms cut in half and the lubed up bum side vs. the non-lubed mouth side of the condom. I slightly shifted my laptop so that I could have some privacy while writing and out of nowhere he looks up at me, smiles, laughs a little and says “how are you?”.Ugh. Continue Reading →