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What I’ve Learned About Gender From Working in a Baby Store

Our culture is obsessed with gender. From the moment a new life enters the world, we feel the need to bombard them with “appropriately” colored gifts as a way to reinforce the gender we have assigned. I was aware of this phenomenon before starting work at a baby store, both from my experience as a babysitter and from my gender studies background, but I wasn’t fully aware of how serious people get about their child’s gender. We carry a variety of items in our store, including clothing that is both clearly gendered and gender neutral (or so say the colors). Despite the obvious trend of pink for girls and blue for boys, it still blows my mind when people refuse to buy something because it’s the wrong color. Continue Reading →

Finland’s “Baby Box”

What if you knew that upon giving birth to your child, some of her or his basic needs for clothing, blankets, and diapers would be met? Well, let me tell you about a place I like to call… Finland. Yes, Finland. As described on, the so-called baby box “has been available in Finland to low-income mothers since 1937 and to all mothers since 1949. Continue Reading →

Newsweek dubs Obama babies “change you can conceive in”

Yes, that’s right. Newsweek went there… pretty quickly, in fact. In the November 2008 issue of Newsweek, they speculated as to whether:
- Barack Obama himself was an election night baby, as he was born almost 9 months to the day after JFK was elected president
- there will be a baby boom stemming from Obama’s election due to optimism and euphoria among those who voted for him
You can read the full article here. Continue Reading →