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New HIV Vaccine Research from Australia

New research on HIV antibodies could bring science closer to an HIV vaccine, report Australian researchers.  Professor Stephen Kent and colleagues at the University of Melbourne recently published their study, which demonstrated significant changes in HIV infection when antibodies were introduced. They hope that if these antibodies could be delivered prior to HIV infection, it could prove to be a successful vaccine. Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. You can also follow Kate McCombs, the author of this post, @katecom or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Making Health Promotion Sexy

If my personal experience is any indication, there’s a good chance that the last time you saw a health promotion campaign on TV or on a billboard, it left a sour taste in your mouth. Too many campaigns seems to rely on fear, guilt, and shame to make their point. There’s a great deal of debate in the field of Public Health about fear-based health promotion. Some think a little fear goes a long way in motivating people to make healthy decisions, but others (like myself) think that there are other, better ways of teaching – especially when it comes to sexual health. Most people have enough anxiety around sex to begin with, and more fear doesn’t necessarily equal more conscientiousness. Continue Reading →

Genitals In The Wild: The Australian Garden

I found this genital in the wild at the Australian Garden, just outside Melbourne. There is a whole row of these well-endowed trees in the midst of beautiful indigenous flora. While I doubt the phallic trees were intentional, I thought the fertility imagery was quite appropriate for such a lush garden. See more Genitals in the Wild photos. Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

Men and The Speedo: In The Flesh

In honor of this week’s fashion theme, I decided to discuss the ins and outs of everyone’s favorite swimwear: the Speedo.  And by “favorite,” I mean, “butt of every joke.” What we colloquially call Speedos are more generally called “swim briefs” but, like Kleenex and Rollerblades, sometimes the brand name catches on. Speedo was originally an Australian company, which seems quite appropriate to me given the Aussies’ love of all things athletic. They were designed for use in competitive “water sports” because they reduce “drag.” Imagine where my mind was going with this. Continue Reading →

When The Honeymoon Is Over: My Relationship With Australia

Recently, I’ve been giving some thought to the concept of “limerence.” Even if most of us have never heard the term, we know the feeling: that all-encompassing, giddy, preoccupation of falling in love. I’ve discovered that my experience of moving to Australia parallels this stage of many new relationships. For some people, this stage lasts for months, even years, and for others it changes as fast as the weather in Melbourne. I remember during the first month I was here, it had been beautiful and sunny as I went into a restaurant to meet some new friends. Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Kate McCombs

Image courtesy of PJ McCombs

Hello, MySexProfessor community! My name is Kate and I’m truly excited to be part of this team. I’m a sex educator and all-around sex geek (and occasionally, just a geek). I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a sex educator for longer than I can remember. Since I was young, I have always found myself comfortable in this role – whether it was explaining to friends how to put in a tampon or explaining where the clitoris is located. Continue Reading →