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Narrative Histories: The “I Am A Sex Worker” PSA

In light of the recent outing of former sex worker Melissa Petro, the Bronx PS70 elementary school teacher, and the subsequent public defaming that has followed, I am reminded of the PSA made by the women of Sex Worker Awareness in 2009, entitled “I am a sex worker.” I think what’s so interesting about where we are at, as a society, in regards to sex worker’s rights, is that it’s a very similar place we’ve been at before in our nation’s history, regarding women’s rights, African American’s rights, and (as the marriage debate rages) gay rights: at a place when narrative history is paramount, where people’s stories alone are controversial, radical and worthy of such public scorn. Sex workers are still, for the most part, invisible. This is particularly sad thing to note, in light of the recent demise of $pread Magazine. It takes a very brave few to refuse to be invisible, to speak their peace and have their voice. Continue Reading →