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Hooray For Boobies!

Last week, while I was in Hawaii visiting friends and family, I got to see one of my favorite things: boobies! A whole hillside of boobies! Those suckers were everywhere – on the beach, on postcards, and flying through the air. Of course, I’m referring to the ornithological type of boobies, not the anthropological kind (although those are nice too). The word “booby” comes from the Spanish word “bobo,” meaning “stupid person,” which seems a bit unfair to these lovely birds.  (As a side note, the round, squishy type of boobies have a different etymology that comes from the Latin for “little girl.” Continue Reading →

This Week on MSP: Dungeons, Sex Toy Retirement & Love Songs

If our dog (below) had her druthers, she would get to keep her mangy dog toys forever. Fortunately, we – like many dog people – know when our dog’s toys have met their demise (typically when the stuffing is pulled out and she’s found that squeaky part). But how well do people know when to throw out their own toys? Specifically, their sex toys? Recently, a friend was telling me about someone who was saying how he felt bad that he and his girlfriend were still using a pretty run-down vibrator when clearly (from his perspective) they needed a new one to use together. Continue Reading →

Hearts In The Wild: Albatross Edition

Debby’s recent post about heart-shaped things in nature reminded me of this photo I took on Isla Española in the Galápagos Islands, during my honeymoon in 2007. We were surrounded by giant Waved Albatross, and we felt like we were honored guests to their intimate and  intricate mating dance. They enthusiastically clack their beaks together and circle each others’ beaks, after dipping and bowing their heads from side to side. It is quite an amazing sight! Waved Albatross come to Española specifically to mate, which seemed rather appropriate, given my own reason for being there. Continue Reading →

Pussy Purse Cat Carrier Travel Bag

Last weekend, we attended a wedding in Washington DC. On the way home, we flew out of National airport and passed by this woman, who was kind enough to pose for a photo (“Put in on Facebook”, she said). She explained to me that her cat carrier bag is called a “pussy purse” and she purchased it for her cat at a pet store. I tried to find such a purse online but was unable to using search terms such as pussy purse, travel bag for cats, carrier bag for cats and things of that nature. Has anyone else seen these? Continue Reading →

Dog & Cat Survey: The Last Hurrah!

Two weeks ago, I launched a survey about the sex lives of women and men who live with dogs and/or cats. It’s all about what our furry little friends do when we hug, kiss, cuddle and/or try to have sex or make love. It’s about how they sometimes get in the way and we sometimes have to distract them with toys, food and things like that. It’s also about the fun, relationship-building parts of having dogs and cats and the joy (and yes, sometimes the strain) that they may add to our lives. If you have friends and/or family who have pets, please pass this link on to them to help spread the word. Continue Reading →

Signed Books, Gay Marriage & Sex Food, Oh My!

Whew. It’s been a chaooooooootic couple of weeks. Sorry if it felt like I was MIA at times. Last week, I was in Philly for the American Public Health Association meeting at which I gave two talks: one about women’s use of lurbicants (turns out most women in our study didn’t experience genital irritation to any of the 6 water or silicone based lubes we tested – hoozah!) and sexual behavior in the US. Then it was off to Chicago to tape a PBS special about HPV and women’s sexuality, then to Cinci for The Patty Brisben Foundation’s annual gala. Continue Reading →

Weird & Wild: Five Ways Animals Get Creative About Sex

Curious about slugs with erections bigger than human ones? Or penis fencing? I was too. As much as I enjoy studying human sexuality, I am fascinated by what other animals in our wonderful world get up to when it comes to their sex & mating lives. Today, guest blogger David Manly teaches us a few things about how animals mate in the most interesting of ways. Continue Reading →