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Kama Sutra…Snuggie Style!

Just in time for those cool weather months, authors Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison have released The Snuggie Sutra, a book of kama sutra positions re-conceived for the pop culture enthusiast (and, as Jezebel rightly points out, your average Urban Outfitters customer). The book incorporates the infomercial phenomenon into modernized Kama Sutra positions, designed for the snuggly bunny in all of us (or perhaps even the bit shy). Nevertheless, anything that encourages people to play, laugh and enjoy trying new sexual positions, all while staying warm in the process, is definitely good in my book! And maybe it’s fond memories of the getting stuck under that multicolored tent with my childhood crush, but I happen to love “The Parachute”: Continue Reading →

Amazon Fail: Is Amazon Burying Sex or GLBT Books?

Earlier today I was getting ready to go for a run or hit the gym (I hadn’t yet decided) when all craziness broke out on Twitter. Audacia Ray and Rachel Kramer Bussell started twittering about how sales rank data had disappeared from their book listings on Amazon. This caught my attention, as I noticed that earlier this week, it suddenly became very difficult for me to even find my book, Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction, on Amazon. While I used to be able to find it by searching using my last name “herbenick”, now when I did that all I saw was my mom’s cookbook, my uncle’s academic books and other non-sex books. Where had my book gone? Continue Reading →