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Is There A Double Standard With Alcohol And Consent?

This controversial essay addresses the question of whether the concept of date rape under the influence exists in a double standard with the notion that people under the influence of alcohol should be responsible for their own actions. Consent where alcohol is involved is a tangled issue, as I’ve discussed previously, because of how social pressures to drink interact with social pressures to have sex. Add in the altered state that alcohol induces, and it can be a recipe for disaster. Consider this point from the essay:

If you’re blacked-out drunk, but still capable of talking, walking and doing things, you’re still responsible for your actions and your decisions. … Continue Reading →

Tangled Webs Of Consent At College Parties

Consent is not always a clear-cut issue, especially when mind-altering substances like alcohol are involved. But the “party culture” on many college campuses confuses the issue of consent even farther, adding social incentives to get laid and muddying the premise of personal responsibility. This article from the Indiana Daily Student crosses traditional journalistic boundaries and provides a fascinating perspective on some of the problems with college partying. The journalist was out during one of the most party-intensive weekends at Indiana University, the Little 500 bicycle race and its accompanying annual events, when she witnessed a girl too drunk to walk who was being kissed by a guy (also drunk) while her female friend stood nearby. Plagued by questions about the situation (as well as the fact that she was only supposed to observe, not intervene), the journalist later arranged to interview the three people involved. Continue Reading →