Your Period: Interesting Facts and Word Origins

Random facts interest me (it’s part of why I adore the magazine Mental Floss), so a list of 68 facts about menstruation is totally up my alley. I especially appreciate that the list includes citation for all of the facts given. While not all women have periods (and not all women have vaginas), the eighth fact on the list is that women who live in modern industrialized places will have, on average, 450 menstrual cycles in her life time – which I would have never guessed. And, women in prehistoric times only had around 50 periods (this is courtesy of Vaginas: An Owner’s Manual).

Those who know me well, know that I love hearing about the origins of words. While I knew a little bit about where the word “menstruate” came from, I didn’t know much about the family words related to it. Judy Grahn has compiled a small list of words that are related to the word “menstruate”: mental, memory, meditation, mensturate, commensurate, meter, mother, mana, magnetic, mead, mania, man, and moon. I love that “mental” and “memory” are in the same family. While I did know some of the facts listed, I think it was a neat list and hopefully you will find something interesting among the 68 items listed.

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