Communication Fails:

Last week, I stumbled upon, a website devoted to “interpreting” cryptic text messages from men. Here’s how it works: a user sends in a text message, includes their own comments giving necessary background information, and leaves the decision up to the internet. Anyone in the blogosphere can vote in one of three ways regarding the sender’s intentions: either he’s into you, he’s not into you, or the verdict is still out. Sound familiar?

My first instinct was to hate it, to repost the link with some snarky comment about the novel idea of actually asking your partner what they meant.  My second instinct was to hate it more, wondering why these people couldn’t just ask their friends what they thought rather than airing all their dirty laundry on the internet. But then I realized that that’s what our culture loves most: dirty laundry on the internet.

As I browsed the posts, they seemed to be fairly normal. Sure, I want to shake some self respect into most of these women, but granted, that’s not my job. But then they started getting absurd.

I can only hope that this website isn’t representative of what future relationship communication will look like.


Seriously? I mean, yes, I’m glad this guy chose to tell his most recent sexual partner that she should get tested. But I don’t know, maybe you could have told her this BEFORE you had sex. Is this a joke?

Oh, and then there’s this:


Wait a second, we’re supposed to be judging the guy’s response? What about the fact that you just told someone that you’re pregnant with his child VIA TEXT MESSAGE?

We all know communication is key to any relationship- romantic or otherwise. But people- let’s try some real, face-to-face talking, and try to avoid all of the missteps and confusion that come along with cryptic texting.

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Michaela is a recent Seven Sisters graduate with a self-designed degree in Sexuality Studies. When she's not blogging, you'll find her teaching Health and Wellness and A Cappella to high school students, helping women find properly fitting bras, and working as an editor on a documentary. She hopes to continue her education one day with a PhD in Feminist Anthropology.