Vulvodynia Treatment Registeries Now Enrolling

Today I received the following notice from the National Vulvodynia Association about an important development:

Treatment Registry Now Enrolling Women in Six States

Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, Washington DC 

NVA funded the creation of the first Vulvodynia Treatment Registry because it is unacceptable for women not to have scientific information on which to base their treatment choices. We’ve now expanded the Registry project to seven enrollment sites in six states: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Maryland and Washington DC.

In addition to generating vital data on which treatments are most effective for different vulvodynia subtypes, your participation will help Registry investigators identify factors that can predict treatment success and guide the development of large controlled trials of promising therapies. 

If you are between the ages of 20 and 45 and suffer from vulvodynia, you may be eligible to participate in this study. (We’re also working to obtain a grant that will enable Registry providers to enroll women over age 45 starting this summer.) The study does not provide free medical care and treatment.  Participation is voluntary, does not include any experimentation and will not change your treatment recommendation.  

To read more about the Registry project, please visit NVA’s web site


To speak to a Registry coordinator about participating in the following states, contact: 

Little Rock, Arkansas 

     Christina Hutchinson (501-686-6799,

Los Angeles, California

     Coming Soon

 Denver, Colorado 

     Jill Zika (303-602-9069)

Orlando, Florida (2 sites)

     Lilia Portilla (407-303-2721,

Baltimore, Maryland 

    Gwen Monroe (443-632-0200)

Akron, Ohio 

     Sara-Jane Salstrom (330-375-4293,

Washington DC

     Hillary Tolson (202-887-0568)

Health care providers who would like to obtain Registry flyers to distribute to their patients should contact Ms. Portilla.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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  • Holly Moyseenko-Kossover

    Neat! I actually sent this to a few friends. Do you know of anything similar for vaginismus?