Vaginal health rockin’ the WebMD world

Recently I was sitting in my doctor’s office waiting room reading WebMD magazine (who knew they had a magazine???). In their "Hot Hits" list they identify the "most popular topics on right now" and #8 was vaginal health. That thrills me to no end! It wasn’t that long ago – less than a decade – when The Vagina Monologues burst onto the scene and made waves for openly talking about the vagina. Some communities and individuals strill struggle with the "v" word. As someone who studies vaginal and vulvar health issues, I was happy to see that not only are people searching for information about vaginal health but that WebMD didn’t take the easy way out and cut the list to "top 5" or such as a way of short-changing the vagina and burying this information.

My only complaint is that toward the end of this particular issue, there was sexual health information that I found to be fairly problematic. I could have done a better job with it.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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