The Free Condom Project

Melbourne is well known for its art and culture and I was pleased to discover that this creative richness is now being used to promote safer sex.

The Free Condom Project, a venture started by art distributor Third Drawer Down, is a collaboration between local and international artists and several leading Australian sexual health organizations. They’ve designed eye-catching, stylish, matchbox-like containers for condoms and lubricant that are freely available across Melbourne and greater Victoria. Free Condom Project’s goodies are available at several trendy clothing boutiques, music stores, pharmacies, and even the bookshop at the State Library of Victoria (where I picked up those pictured on the right).

The Free Condom Project’s goal is “to positively change perceptions about condom use, helping to reduce the increasing rate of STIs by making condoms readily accessible to sexually active people in a fun and engaging way that encourages people to take ownership of their health and well being.” Sounds like a fabulous idea to me.

Free Condom Project boxes on the right: Artwork by Anne De Vries (top) and Kill Pixie (bottom)

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