Social Media In Utero? Not According to Facebook

Oh social media.

Some love it, some hate it.  But regardless of your feelings – most are exposed to it.  Whether you’re a teenie-bopper who is discovering the joys of MySpace for the first time or a business firm using Twitter to ‘network’ - social media has pretty much infiltrated all of the age groups.

And as of late, it’s even made it’s way in utero.

Recently (on May 31st to be exact) I was browsing and I stumbled upon an article on their blog about a family from Texas who have created a Facebook page for their (not yet born) baby girl, Marriah Greene.

The parents first caught media attention when they did an interview on May 27th with KLTV; yet soon after word broke loose – numerous networks (such as CNN, ABC News, Huffington Post, etc.) began spreading the word about this unborn internet sensation.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

Image Courtesy: Google Images

On May 31st, the mom updated her Facebook status, posting the following, “OMG MARRIAH’S STORY WAS PICKED UP BY CNN SHE CAN BE SEEN ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! IT IS ON THE FRONT PAGE.”

As the news spread, many viewers were touched by the family’s joyous news and cute updates that “the baby” was posting.

Yet on the other hand, many readers were highly disgusted that a family would subject a fetus to social media and considered the act a publicity stunt. Some readers even went as far as reporting the page to Facebook (considering it violates the networks’ age policy for obtaining a Facebook page).

Apparently the network took the reports into consideration and ended up pulling the account.

Following the removal of the page, the mother again updates her Facebook status saying, “Facebook shut down (our daughter’s) site.”

And now, once again, numerous news outlets are reporting on the removal of the page – as well as the controversy it has stirred up.

In my opinion, although I have nothing against the idea of spreading the exciting news of expecting a child, I think creating a Facebook page for a fetus is a bit odd (but then again, I can see how it  would be looked at as effective – considering how popular Facebook is).

I’m curious how others are reacting to this news, so MSP readers – let us know what you think!

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  • Jevad Jackson

    Kind of funny. But why would Facebook pull the account?
    People are free to do what they want as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. Who was being hurt?
    Seems like the parents were doing it tongue-in-cheek which is kinda cool I think.