Six Wacky Bras You Have To See For Yourself

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and our current theme week, I decided to venture into the world of crazy lingerie. I searched high and low, and here are the wackiest bras I came across.

1. The Wine Rack: This “funny drinking bladder apparatus”, which is essentially a Camelback in

The Wine Rack- Image Courtesy of

the form of a bra, can be found at The Wine Rack boasts the ability to not only hold your beverage of choice for easy drinking access, but also to make your breasts appear larger. Sounds like a great idea to me! The only issue I have with the bra is that it only comes in small and medium sizes, so for all of my busty brethren out there, this bra is not the one for you.

2. The No! Shopping Bag Bra: Japanese lingerie company Triumph is known for designing wacky bras, but this one is my personal favorite. In the era of going green, we all know it’s important not to let anything go to waste. So, take a hint from Triumph and wear a bra that turns into a grocery bag. This lacy red bra actually converts into a reusable shopping bag with a few twists and tweaks. Watch above as a model demonstrates how to turn your lingerie into an eco-friendly bag.

Image courtesy of

3. The Candy Bra: Remember those little candy necklaces that your mom always said could break your teeth? Imagine those in the form of lingerie. That’s right, it exists: the candy bra. It can be found at most party/novelty stores and sex shops, or online. I do have another size qualm, however which is that the bra boasts the tagline “one size fits most”. But just take a look at this thing…I’m sorry, but that would not fit anyone bigger than a C cup. So, once again, this wacky bra is not for all. However, if it does fit, I do have one piece of advice: be careful how hard you bite. Unless you’re into that kind of stuff.

4. The Goldfish Bra: I understand that people get really attached to their pets, but this seems a little extreme to me. This woman loves her fish so much that she decided to take them with her wherever she goes- in the form of a bra. Though this bra isn’t available to the general public, I’m sure you’d be able to craft one on your own .

Goldfish Bra- Image courtesy of

5. Here’s another DIY bra. In case coconuts are a bit too cliché for you, try orange peels. Perhaps we bustier gals could try grapefruits.

Orange peel bra- Image courtesy of

6. The Monkey Bra: This bra is part of an exhibit called the Artful Bras Project. Members of the Quilters of South Carolina created these fabulous bras in order to raise money for breast cancer awareness. So of course I had to include them in our theme-week! The monkey bra is my favorite, with the Wonder Woman bra holding a close second, but you can see all the bras at their website,

Monkey Bra- Image courtesy of

I hope you all enjoyed these “wacky bras” in honor of saving the tatas, and please do what you can to keep everyone informed that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

If you enjoy learning about bras and/or breasts, check out Hoorah for the Bra: A Perky Peek at the History of the Brassiere or watch Breasts: A Documentary (which is terrific clips of in human sexuality classes or other adult sex ed opportunities).

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