Scented Condoms, Without The Yummy Flavor

It’s unusual for someone I know to come up with something in the contraceptive world that I haven’t heard of, so when my best friend sent me a picture of what appeared to be scented condoms I was intrigued.

Unfortunately, the internet was not particularly forthcoming with information about the particular condoms in the photo. So I’m still not precisely sure if these are scented and flavored or merely scented. For other brands of condoms, it seems that scented condoms also have a flavoring of some sort and are typically brightly colored. It also seems that tropical fruit scents and flavors are more common than other scents though I have seen references to coffee scented and durian scented ones.

Does anyone out there know of any condoms that just have a scent (but no flavor)? I’d be interested in checking it out. I’m firmly in favor of condoms that just have a scent, though I would certainly love to see (or rather smell) scents other than fruit. In my imagination the condoms smell more like nice incense than the produce section. I’m not overly fond of the smell of latex and I think the right scent could help set the mood and perhaps make using condoms sexier.

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    I knew a guy once who had a fetish for the smell of condoms. I didn’t understand it myself, but just one whiff of a freshly unrolled condom and he would be all over me. It was definitely interesting!
    And no, never ever heard of aromatic condoms without flavour too.