Russian women paying for male strippers

This is an interesting video if you can move past the over-generalizations and inaccurate statements at the beginning which make it seem like quite a lot of women in Russia are becoming wealthy. In fact, Russie  like many countries – still deals with poverty and corruption. And yet there are places where women who do have money can spend it on male strippers.

Granted, male and female strip clubs aren’t exactly similar to each other: you’ll notice the men in these videos, like men in strip clubs in the US, are a bit more silly than sexy (note the neon clown wig and other costumes, plus the club-style dance moves). Men in this video sometimes rub against women in dance move-like fashion – and even when grinding does occur, it is very different from the so-called "lap dances" in many female strip clubs in which the women rub against men’s crotches in order to help them to ejaculate.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting look at one strip club and the female manager of the dancers:


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  • Rita Steinberg

    and just like the men who run female strip clubs, this woman is a pervert and exploiter of dumb jocks. She's basically a pimp and they are her whores. I have no respect for anyone male or female who is a pimp. What a sick and sad message that women are spreading to the world if they want to follow in the footsteps of men who exploit women. Also what's the deal Current TV? I have seen full blown, implied and semi-nude males on various broadcasts. Yes, totally nude men on Current TV segments, yet you censor female nudity. What message are you sending? It's ok to exploit male nudity or that the female body is something to be ashamed of! I say shame on Current TV!