Prostate screenings are on the out for men post-age-75?

Prostate cancer screenings after the age of 75 are no longer being recommended, according to this article from the New York Times:


"In a move that could lead to significant changes in medical care for older men, a national task force on Monday recommended that doctors stop screening men ages 75 and older for prostate cancer because the search for the disease in this group was causing more harm than good. "

and in a more depressing way of putting it:

"Past task force guidelines noted there was no benefit to prostate cancer screening in men with less than 10 years left to live. Since it can be difficult to assess life expectancy, it was an informal recommendation that had limited impact on screening practices. The new guidelines take a more definitive stand, however, stating that the age of 75 is clearly the point at which screening is no longer appropriate."

I wonder how this might play out for men who are from families who tend to live quite long, into their 90s or even 100. Would they still be screened at 75, given that they might last longer than 10 years? Hmmm….

Thanks to writer Tara Parker-Pope for bringing us the news. Read the full article here.

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