No Shave November

Hey guys, looking to show your support for prostate cancer? Well it may be easier to raise awareness than you think; in fact your solution may be right under your nose (literally).

Say hello to MOVEMBER (mustache + November = MOVEMBER): the month in which men grow out their mustaches in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer. [Not a fan of the mustache? No worries, you can participate in 'no shave November' by growing out your beard. Otherwise known as Novembeard, Beardvember, etc.]

The movement started back in 2003 after being inspired by breast cancer awareness efforts and has been going strong ever since. And believe it or not, according to an article in The Washington Post, the movement raised close to $42 million last year!

So what about the ladies? Can they participant too even though (most of us) are unable to grow a  mustache or beard? You better believe it.

Despite our lack of facial hair, women can get in on the movement by opting out on shaving their legs, armpits — and hey if you’re really into it — opt out on the pubic region too.

There’s actually a website called NOSHEMBER that explains the so-called ‘rules’ and has an entire tab dedicated to the ladies!

So even though it’s past the first of the month, it’s never too late to start! Hide your razors, bust out the leg warmers/scarves and let the anti-shaving movement begin.

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