Tampons While Traveling: Female Bonding Experiences

Thanks to Wikimedia for the image.

Some of our readers may already read Feministe, but I loved and wanted to pass on this essay, Traveling While Female. In addition to great safety advice, the author passes on the advice to always bring a tampon: you never know when you might need it, and mere discussion of said topic might lead to bonding with other women (though personally, I prefer the re-usable diva cup, pictured in the middle). My own rule is to always travel with a scarf (which is also mentioned in the post), because you never know when it might get sunny or rainy, or when you might need a cover-up.

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Jeana Jorgensen, PhD recently completed her doctoral degree in folklore and gender studies at Indiana University. She studies fairy tales and other narratives, dance, body art, feminist theory, digital humanities, and gender identity.