How men should shave their pubic hair: a video from Gillette

Ah yes. A video for men about how to shave the pubic hair around their penis and scrotum. Or as this Gillette video says “trimming the bush to make the tree look taller”. Because a tree (made of wood) is likened to a hard, erect penis (what lovelier analogy could there be?).

I kind of love Gillette for being out there about men’s pubic hair shaving practices even though I realize it’s a marketing ploy and a total play on men’s insecurities about their penis size – and that part sucks. I also wish that they would tackle the issue of stubble which is not a fun part of men’s shaving and why some women prefer men who trim rather than shave. Stubble can be a particularly icky issue if you are using an orgasm-prone position such as the coital alignment technique that involves moves that are more like pelvic grinding than pelvic thrusting.

In any case, watch and learn:

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