Hello from Rome!

What a whirwind of a trip…

On Monday afternoon/early evening, I presented our research team’s study related to sexual problems following treatment for breast cancer. We had carried out this study with 115 women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer prior to age 50, and then assessed some issues related to sexual function (e.g., desire, pain, orgasm, arousal, satisfaction, and other dimensions). This study was recently accepted for publication in a well respected journal, which we are very proud of, and I will say more about it when it is published.

There have also been quite a lot of fascinating studies presented including studies related to the sexual fantasies of heterosexual Italian men, another study about ways in which bisexual women are similar to or different from heterosexual and homosexual women, and another study related to prenatal hormones and their relationship with adult sexual behavior. These are just some of the many studies presented at this meeting. There were others related to sexual abuse, the g spot, asexuality and such, and also on Monday, Dr. Beverly Whipple (who has conducted research related to the g spot – in fact, she and her colleagues named the g spot in the first place) gave a talk about the benefits of sexual activity (by oneself or with a partner) which was interesting and well-attended.

I will return home this weekend and will try to post more again shortly. I hope that everyone is well – thanks for all of your comments and well wishes while I am away.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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