Health Risks With Yaz and Yasmin Birth Control Pills?

Woman holding birth control pills

This past weekend, the New York Times ran an article about controversies around the Yaz and Yasmin brands of birth control pills, citing both research studies (that show mixed results in regard to safety and risks) and lawsuits brought against Bayer (the manufacturer of both brands) by women who claim to have developed health problems in connection to their use of these birth control pill brands.

Much of the debate centers around the type of progestin used in these two brands and frankly we need more research before the safety issues are fully understood. Often, it takes a number of years to fully understand both the health risks and health benefits of certain medications (for example, it’s been well established that taking birth control pills is associated with a lower risk of ovarian cancer, but it took time for researchers to demonstrate that).

If you have questions about your method of birth control (contraception), please check in with your healthcare provider who can help advise you about the pros and cons about various methods based on your personal health history. To read the entire NY Times pieces, visit the below-linked article.

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