Cringe-Worthy Birth Control

I stumbled upon Cracked’s article on History 10 Most Terrifying Contraceptives, and was intrigued as well as grossed out. While some methods featured may be somewhat effective, I would not recommend any of them to anyone. Some highlights from the list including strapping the testicles from a weasel to your leg (if you are a woman), drinking moonshine with beaver testicles in it (what’s up with all the testicles??), and diaphragms made from opium. While there may not be many negative side effects to strapping some animal testicles to your leg, inserting opium into your body can have very dangerous and potentially deadly side effects.

If you get a chance, check out the link and let me know which ones you think are the most bizarre or scary? Would you ever give one of them a shot? While I still think we could use some more contraceptive options (especially male controlled ones), in the end, we’ve come a long way, baby.

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