Clitoraid: Helping Women With Their Down Theres?

Clitoraid is a Las Vegas-based non profit that was founded to help women who have undergone female genital circumcision get access to free genital reconstructive surgery as well as post-operative therapy sessions. The surgery involves identifying internal clitoral parts and using them to create a new glans clitoris (by pulling the internal parts of the clitoris forward, from what I understand).

Clitoraid has also partnered with the San Fran-based sex toy shop, Good Vibrations, to provide women with vibrators and other sexual enhancement products and also, it seems, with sex educator and activist Dr. Betty Dodson. It has generated some controversy already from some sexuality educators and activists and it will be interesting to see how this organization evolves over time and whether they are able to partner with other organizations and advocacy groups.

To learn more about Clitoraid, watch the above video and/or visit the Clitoraid web site for more information.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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