Breastfeed In An Ice Cream Truck

People seem to be fairly passionate on the issue of public breastfeeding. More and more workplaces are now offering breastfeeding rooms so if employees need to pump their breast milk they are not stuck sitting on a toilet seat in the restroom.

In Pittsburgh there is now the Milk Truck, which bills itself as a “Mobile Breastfeeding Unit.” Artist Jill Miller created the Milk Truck from an ice cream truck, and is considered to be “a combination of guerilla theater, activism and a little slapstick humor” – it’s a truck with a giant breast on it, so it can’t take itself too seriously. Ms Miller wanted to created a positive and supportive environment for women to breastfeed in, which I think is wonderful and would love for more of these to be in other cities. Would you use the Milk Truck if one happened to be near you? On the other end of the spectrum, would you be offended or bothered by the Milk Truck being in your neighborhood?

image courtesy of The Milk Truck

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