What’s Your Condom Size?

Scrolling through the web the other day, I came across Condomsizer, which claims to be the “#1 Condom Size Resource on the Web.” Now, I can’t speak to whether or not is is the #1 size resource on the web, but I do think it is an excellent resource for learning about which condoms will fit you like a glove. Playing around on the site, I realized that it is aimed at those in Europe, so I decided to search to see what is available for those in the US.

Image Courtesy To Google

Image Courtesy To Google

The Condom Size Calculator, located on Condom Monologues, and the Condom Size app are both targeted to US users. Growing up, I heard that if someone says a condom doesn’t fit them, they’re lying. Now that I’ve been working in this field for long enough and play with condoms often, I can say that finding a condom that fits can be like finding that perfect running shoe. There are some people out there who may find that most condoms work for them – and hey, that’s great! However, other people may say that they do not enjoy wearing condoms because they don’t fit right. So, sites and apps like this can help guide you toward finding that perfect condom.

My main complaint is that if you are someone with a latex sensitivity or allergy, you have significantly fewer options when it comes to finding a perfect condom. I do notice that there are significantly more options for those people now than there were even a few years ago. I get that condoms may not be everyone’s most desired option for birth control, but I think more people would be likely to use them if they found a condom that fit them (or their toys) correctly.

Do you have a favorite condom? Or, is there a condom that you absolutely abhor?

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