Birth Control Gel

Hormonal birth control comes in many forms: pills, rings, patches, and shots. And now scientists are researching a possible gel containing hormones that would be absorbed when a woman rubbed it on her skin. So far, the sample size has been small with just 18 women, but the results have been good.

However, I’m already feeling a bit skeptical as all the articles I’ve read have pretty much touted this form of birth control to be a wonder drug. There have been no allergic reactions to the gel, none of the women in the study have become pregnant, and there seem to be none of the common side effects associated with other hormonal birth control methods such as weight gain, lower sex drive, and acne.

As someone who reacts strongly to hormones and has lots of allergies, I look forward to following the research as they study larger groups of women. I’m also curious to learn more about how dosages would work and how much the gel would cost.

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