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Would you buy condoms that cost $5 a piece? Do you think that they’d be any better than your preferred condom brand? Naked brand condoms are hitting the luxury condom market, or at least attempting to start the luxury condom market on their own. Kate’s recent post on the new “Viagra Condoms” got me thinking about another new type of condom to hit the market. For the low price of only $56 for a dozen (according to an article from Eden Fantasys), you get a very pretty box and some of the most “luxury” condoms on the market. The New York Post wrote another interesting piece, which mentions that world-wide, the condom industry makes $3 billion a year (and for some American pride post-Memorial Day weekend, just know if you’re an American, we are responsible for about $500 million of that).

Again, the New York Post has some great insight – while it may sound like a booming industry, remember that only about 1/3 of sex acts among Americans involve using a condom. Also, for more price comparison fun (which just makes my poor grad student pocket book cringe in fear), picking up a twelve pack of Trojans is about $12 – so while Naked’s condoms might be a nice splurge for a special occasion, as much as I personally want to see what all this luxury is about, it’s just not something that I’m willing to make room for in my budget at this point in my life. I’m just not “edgy, hip, and rich” (the words Naked’s CEO uses to describe their customer base; he’s not far off, I’m definitely not rich and don’t think I’ve ever described myself as “edgy” or “hip”). The best part of the New York Post article to me was when the CEO handed the phone over to his sister who explained that she would “rather have sex with someone who has a Naked condom than a Trojan. The guy looks better, I think.” Now, I tried to scour the web to find pictures of the condoms that make men look better to no avail, although the pictures I can find of the packaging are pretty nice looking. I can honestly say I have yet to see a person wearing a certain type, brand, or color of condom and gone “Now, that is a good looking person!” Does the condom make the person? Would you pay around $5 a pop for a condom?

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Holly Moyseenko is a sex educator living in Ohio. She is an advocate of positive and healthy sexuality. Holly currently works for a non-profit health organization as a health educator, and also teaches workshops that focus on many topics within the realm of healthy sexuality. In her spare time, she also is an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, gardens, reads anything within reach, drinks copious amounts of tea, and naps with her two dogs.

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  • Holly Moyseenko-Kossover

    Yikes! I hadn’t known that there was that much of a cost difference. I know from experience that condoms were cheaper when I was in Europe. A friend found some of very differing prices in Japan recently.

    out of curiosity, do you know why the polyurethane condoms are more difficult to find? I have a latex allergy and personally am bothered that I can only find polyurethane dental dams online (found them on a recent trip to California as well, but no where near me). When I teach, I can’t use latex dental dams even to handle.