An Artful Reminder That Your Biological Clock is Ticking

A student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Brigitte Coremans, recently designed a pair of clocks that help to measure a person’s menstrual cycle. The first measures a person’s body temperature, which varies throughout a woman’s cycle, and prints the data out on what kind of looks like a heart monitor.

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The artist explains, “a women measures every morning, before standing up, with a special thermometer for 1 minute. This thermometer sends the measurement wirelessly (like a telephone) to the clock, which will automatically register the measurement on the calendar.” (Quote from

The second clock is made up of 500 beads, representing the number of eggs that can be fertilized in one’s lifetime. I happen to think it looks kind of like a package of birth control pills, which is ironic.

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The rest of Coremans’ art can be found at her website, linked above.

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