Accessible Gynecologists

I recently came across a post on the Gimp Girl Community about Accessible Gynecologists, and (sadly) wasn’t all that shocked that it contained a rather short list of gynecologists who members have found to have accessible facilities and doctors they’d use. I expected a smaller list, but alas, there are only a few states represented. I have a friend who uses a cane (and occasionally a wheelchair) and her doctor was stunned when (please take a minute to make sure you’re seated as this is truly shocking!) my friend wanted to go off of the birth control pill so that she could get pregnant. Turns out, people of all types of abilities can be pregnant and/or be parents. That gynecologist was fired by my friend, in case you’re curious.

If you have had a good or poor experience with a gynecologist, and consider yourself to be a woman with a disability, please take a moment and fill out this 15 question survey on Gimp Girl so that they have some more information on more gynecologists.

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