2 Condoms Are Not Better Than 1

I was walking through a building on my campus recently when I saw this:

The first thing I noticed from a distance was the statement “2 CONDOMS ARE BETTER THAN 1″ and immediately had a negative reaction to the sign. I then looked more closely at the rest of it to find out what it was about and noticed that the statement was under the much smaller heading “MYTH”.

While I appreciate that the organization responsible for the sign is trying to recruit people to help correct misconceptions about sexual health I think they could be better served with a different advertisement. I feel that for some this may perpetuate the myth that using two condoms is better than one. I looked more closely at the sign, but if I had been in more of a hurry I might not have, and just walked away with the message in the biggest letters.

Just to dispel the 2 condom myth and avoid confusion. It is not recommended to use 2 condoms as it can increase friction and the risk of both condoms ripping or breaking. Using one condom is actually much safer.

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