Wii Dares What Kinect Won’t

In a previous post of mine, I conjectured that it would be a long time before we see a Rock Band type game looking at sex and sexual activity.  Well, I have been proven wrong!

This article talks about the parents who are up in arms since a company released a sexy Truth or Dare game for the Nintendo Wii.  Check out the commercial – it seems like tame fun that could lead to other things!

What do you about this?  Like Violet Blue, the NSFW bloggess that led me here, does this entice you to purchase and/or dust off the Wii?  Or perhaps something to use the Wii for now that your Wii Fit board is languishing unloved in the corner?  Or is this normal adult/teen antics for the virtual video game age?

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Photo thanks to Frenkieb on Flickr Creative Commons.


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Craig VanKempen

Craig VanKempen, LLMSW/MPH, is a sex educator and therapist practicing in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. His professional interests include HIV, polyamory, compulsive sexual behavior, religion and sexuality, and GLBT issues.

  • TheSpecialLadyFriend

    Well. Now I know what to ask for for Christmas.

  • http://geekysex.blogspot.com Pendard

    I love that it’s specificially parents are up in arms about this, as if someone was forcing them to buy this for their kids. As usual, uptight people are using kids as an excuse to police the behavior of less hung-up grown-ups.

    Someone once said that whenever someone says they oppose something sexually explicit because they think it isn’t appropriate for children, you should take out the word “children” and substitute “adults.” That person was 100% right.