Way To (Not) Go, Ohio

photo courtesy of Ben at Lifehacksimmediately

In general, I love Ohio. I’ve mentioned before that I am also a huge fan of Cleveland, so my only consolation with this story is that it’s from another city in Ohio. A dry cleaner in Cincinnati has decided to share their opinions regarding abortion via their hangers.

RH Reality Check refers to Springdale Drycleaners’ hangers as the “worst marketing decision ever,” and I have to agree that it’s not the best choice. The paper covering the hanger includes a picture of a smiling child, and the words “choose life!” I agree with freedom of speech, so having flyers with the message available near the register is okay by me, but on a hanger? Maybe that wasn’t completely thought out (although RH Reality Check mentions that it wasn’t the first time that this has been done).

What do you think about the hangers?

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