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ATTENTION VIDEO GAME LOVERS EVERYWHERE: if you’re a fan of Guitar Hero, stimulation, the female form and sick humor – then I have just the game for you! Say hello to the newest video game sensation that is sweeping the nation: VAGINA HERO.

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OK, OK – so I am somewhat fibbing (well at least I think I am)…

I was recently tipped off about an article in one of my gender studies classes that has apparently caused quite a bit of controversy in the ‘gamer world.’

During lecture, we were discussing the positive and negative effects that pornography can have on relationships and somehow we got off topic when a fellow student brought up the the issues that this spoof video game (Vagina Hero) has caused amongst some of his female gamer friends (I told you…Way off topic right?). So I did a bit of research on this game and found an article about it on

After reading through the blog post and skimming though the +140 comments left on the post, I can now see where all the hostility is coming from. At first I couldn’t tell if this game was actually a real product that was coming out or if this was just a joke that some creative minds thought up; yet after reading the entire post – I came to the conclusion that this has to be a joke.

I mean come on…LOOK at this controller. There is no way people could be serious about something this ridiculous.

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Basically they modeled the game after Guitar Hero; but instead of hitting the notes simultaneously on your guitar as they appear on the stage, the player is to hit the E-Zones (which I can only assume stand for erogenous zones) simultaneously on the controller as they appear on the screen (which looks like a woman spreading her legs).

The blog post states that the overall purpose of the game is to fill the climax meter, and the sooner you are done – the sooner you can move on to the next girl (parallel to moving onto the next song in Guitar Hero).

The post even includes mock interview quotes from the makers of Vagina Hero: Arctivision. One of the quotes is about whether or not Arctivision worries about offending women with this game, and the response on Ripten reads,

“Absolutely not. If anything, we are doing women a great service. We are making foreplay interesting and exciting for guys while simultaneously giving them the practice they need so they know what they’re doing when they get there. I think women should be excited by the idea of no longer walking away from a sexual encounter with blue balls, or whatever the equivalent of that would be for women.”

As a woman, I can see why some may take offense to what the blog post writes about. But then again, me personally – I have a rather odd sense of humor and found the post to be somewhat silly.

Rather than getting upset at this stereotypical nonsense, I just laughed it off. This post just shows that 1) this writer obviously doesn’t know his female anatomy all too well (considering the game layout is actually representing the vulva, not the vagina) and 2) many people have the wrong outlook on women’s sexuality, considering orgasms can be – at least for some women – easy (and enjoyable) to give if one actually takes the time to communicate with his (or her) partner.

So if you have the time, check out the whole article and let us know what you think about the post! Do you find it clever and all in good fun? Or was this something that rubbed you the wrong way (no pun intended)?

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