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Michaela is a recent Seven Sisters graduate with a self-designed degree in Sexuality Studies. When she's not blogging, you'll find her teaching Health and Wellness and A Cappella to high school students, helping women find properly fitting bras, and working as an editor on a documentary. She hopes to continue her education one day with a PhD in Feminist Anthropology.

  • staci

    Not only are those offensive, several are also transphobic. I don’t see anything funny about this issue. I’m sure my trans and genderqueer friends would agree.

  • Livingston

    Have a sense of humor, Staci. I’m a transman and I thought they were hilarious.

  • staci

    Oh so since you’re a trans man then that makes it okay and not offensive? My genderqueer partner would disagree. I don’t think this is something to joke about. These new security measures are extremely distressing for a great many people, particularly trans and genderqueer folks as well as survivors of sexual assault.

  • http://bloketoys.co.uk Mens Sex Toys

    Offense is something internal, not external. When it is considered externally imposed there is a clear element of incitement or hatred, and this shows neither.

    It’s regrettable that some might be offended by something as mild as this. But – to be honest – get a grip. Most simply move on, they don’t ALLOW such things to bother them.

    Personally, I find them very funny.
    And in this world where political correctness stomps on freedom, even to laugh at ourselves, we could do with more of this light-hearted attitude.

    Although, I still feel that the actions of your TSA show little oversight and even suggest a move toward fascism when connected to the wider condition of the American government.

    Of course, technically both America and the UK became pseudo Fascist states (as did much of Europe) when they bailed out the banks. So maybe my observation is a little late.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vanessa-Monahan-Rial/6810935 Vanessa Monahan-Rial

    Agreed. The “Only we know if Lady Gaga is really a lady” struck me as particularly transphobic.