The superhuman body of Michael Phelps – fascinating

I love stuff like this. NBC has broken down the anatomy of Michael Phelps and how everything from his wingspan to his foot size to the proportions of his legs and torso give him a competitive edge in swimming. See the video here. According to them, a typical workout for Phelps burns about 4000 (!) – yes, FOUR THOUSAND – calories. Consider that next time you finish your 300 calorie workout on the treadmill!

Some time ago, NBC sports did a similar breakdown of Lance Armstrong’s body – check it out here if you’re interested.

On a sex note… Of course, when it comes to sex, it is not so much about an individual person’s body as it is about the fit and interaction of TWO bodies. When women and men ask me questions about penis size, vaginal size, breast size, etc., so much has to do with what you plan on doing with your parts and who you plan on doing them with. A penis that feels small or averge to one person may feel huge to another. The same thing is true with vaginas (the inside part) and vulvas (the outside parts of women’s genitals).

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