The Best Queer Costumes for 2011

Halloween is here and as we all know from my post on sexy costumes last year, it’s hands down my favorite holiday. A friend of mine mentioned today that Autostraddle has recently blogged about some great (gay) costumes, so I thought I’d make up a list of my own!

1. Ellen and/or Portia

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Why wouldn’t you and your sweetie want to dress up as the number one lesbian power couple in the world? Yeah, I went there. Anyway, this costume is easy enough. For Ellen, just wear a simple white button down with a black vest, jeans, and some fresh kicks. For Portia, go for a long blonde wig and a sexy dress with some awesome jewelry. There you go, awesome costume number one.

2. Kurt Hummel

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Okay so I’m no longer the biggest fan of Glee, but seriously, Kurt is adorable. This would be an awesome costume for anybody, and is pretty easy to whip up at home. Basically, you just want to look fierce. And don’t forget the fabulous hair swoop. This website gives a basic description of Kurt’s general wardrobe.

3. Lady Gaga

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So she herself may or may not be a member of the community (who knows), but she’s definitely been proclaimed a gay icon, so why not dress up like the pop icon this year? Lady Gaga costumes are also easy to put together on short notice. Grab a fabulous pair of glasses, a long blonde wig, some crazy heels, and a structured blazer, and you’re all set. Check out this blog for inspiration.

4. Liberace

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All you really need is an excessive amount of jewelry, a fur coat, and a tacky printed satin button-down. Boom. You’re a gay piano god.

5. Mila Kunis in Black Swan

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So yes, Natalie Portman is covered. But Mila Kunis was so much hotter…and clearly underrepresented. For this costume, grab yourself a black wig, some skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a backless tank top (to show off the tattoo). Or, you could go for a dance outfit: leotard, tights, ballet shoes. Either get some temporary tattoos or just go ahead and draw the wings on…they should look like this when they’re done!

6. Any character from the L Word

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Any of these would make for an awesome costume, though Jenny and/or Shane would probably be the most recognizable. For Shane, you’ll need some distressed jeans, a cut off tank top, shaggy hair, and cool sneakers. For Jenny, you’ll need blunt bangs and a high pony tail, a cat eye and big lashes, and a super-femme outfit. These would probably go best together (though I cringe at the thought of them actually being together in Season 6).

7. Arizona and Callie from Grey’s Anatomy

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Okay, don’t judge me…I still watch this show. But how could I not? Arizona and Callie are too cute. For the Arizona costume, you’ll need those weird wheelie sneakers, a white lab coat, a blonde wig, and some light pink lip gloss. For Callie, you could rock either the surgeon look (scrubs and a face mask) or her more casual power dyke look: dark jeans and a leather jacket.

What’s your favorite gay costume for 2011?

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