The Australian Sex Party

When I first saw a billboard in Melbourne advertising “The Australian Sex Party,”  I assumed it was an ad for some sort of kinky costume ball, trying to capitalize on a sensationalist title. In fact, the Australian Sex Party is a political party with legitimate candidates and a surprisingly sensible platform.

Their primary goals are to promote sexual rights and reverse Australia’s uncharacteristically conservative censorship laws. That said, they are not without a sense of humor: their slogan is “Where you come first.” LOL. I look forward to meeting some of the party’s representatives at the four-day-long Sexpo, which will take place in Melbourne at the end of November.

MSP is taking a closer look at sex and politics this month.

Image courtesy of The Australian Sex Party.

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  • Craig VanKempen

    Wow! Go Australia! This makes me want to start a Sex Party in US politics. What do you think – will it fly?

  • Kate

    Hah! Can you imagine what Fox news would have to say about that? I bet Christine O’Donnell would have a heart attack.