On OkCupid, Cheating Women Win

Not having as much luck as you’d like with online dating? I definitely had some issues when I went with online dating, especially OkCupid. Time’s Newsfeed reported that on OkCupid, women who are cheaters tend to get the most messages, and men who are cheaters rule amongst male users of the site. Mind you, this is a rather small sample group of 40 (fake) profiles so anyone who is intrigued by this study should take that into consideration.

Image courtesy of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The study was done by Recovery.org ,and Chris Matyszczyk reported the results on CNETEighty percent of the male cheaters’ inboxes messages weren’t necessarily someone looking for love. Instead, 80% of their messages were either negative comments or inquiring if the person really was indeed taken and looking for more. The full results of the study are available (and definitely I think worth a read) here.

I do think that it is interesting that the cheater profiles weren’t sly at all – in their profile they mentioned that they were taken, looking for something romantic/sexual, and didn’t want their partner to know. From my own time on OkCupid, I received a good amount of messages from individuals who did not mention that they were taken on their profile but in messages to me mentioned they were (commonly, these people told me that they preferred their partner not know – including a friend of mine!)

The internet has definitely changed the way that people date, as well as how intimate relationships work. However, one could also take into consideration that the automobile changed how dating and intimate relationships worked (once more people had cars, they had essentially a bedroom on wheels!). Whether or not the internet, and its immense amount of dating sites that have been created, is good or bad for dating is an argument that could easily last for ages.

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