Denmark’s Sperm Bike

Talk about genitals in the wild! I recently stumbled upon an article that added another bullet point to my long list of reasons to live in a Scandinavian country. The Nordisk Cryobank, a European sperm bank, decided to get creative in transporting donor samples. Naturally, they chose a bike- but this isn’t just any bike.


The “sperm bike” is not only a green form of transportation, but it serves as a wonderful form of advertisement for the Cryobank. It was built for function and fashion- the head of the sperm is actually a large cooler, used to keep the samples at proper temperatures for transport. The bike weighs 50kg, or about 110 lbs, and is almost 10 feet long!

Denmark is considered a leading nation in the green movement, and I think we could certainly take a few tips from them!

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