Technology To Help You Crash Weddings

I recently came across an article that focused on one of the latest smart phone app, Crash Corsage. This app allows users to locate weddings nearby, then provide the address and the dress code – so that if you crash the wedding you can dress to fit in.

At my first wedding, I actually invited three of my own wedding crashers (one was a pedal cab driver who was a bit nervous about crashing the wedding, even though I insisted being the bride I was okay with it!). However, I invited those random strangers and I don’t think I would have been quite as happy if they just waltzed in on their own. If you are getting married (or know someone who is – and isn’t that almost everyone?) and want to keep your wedding off of Crash Corsage, just make sure that your wedding website is password protected. The app works by scanning wedding websites, so keeping it password protected will avoid letting your info show up on Crash Corsage (at least for now). Maybe “Wedding Crashers” will come up with a sequel predominately featuring this app soon.

image courtesy of Film Critic


Would you use this app? How do you feel about it?

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