Sweet (but a little heartbreaking) story about a mom and her transgender daughter

Having attending high school in New Hampshire, I am familiar with Manchester and Nashua, NH. Not long after I started school in New Hampshire, I remember a popular school teacher (who also was out as a lesbian) giving a talk at our school assembly about her relief or maybe it was reassurance when she moved to New Hampshire and saw their state slogan on car license plates: "Live free or die."

Given that context – of a state that has historically valued living with freedom – this article is particularly interesting, loving and heartbreaking. I feel so much for the girl and her mom who seem to really value this girl’s right to live her life in a way that feels right and true to her. And I feel so confused about school systems that get that bent out of shape about the clothes children wear to school and whether they are "gender appropriate" (which really just means "gender traditional" - and as a FYI, it wasn’t that many years ago that adult women were forbidden to wear pants to work or school in many places, because they weren’t seen as gender appropriate). Ugh.

You can read the full article here.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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