Swedish pharmacy sued for sex toy discrimination against men

Ah, Sweden. What more can be said about a country that is already so progressive that it carries sex toys in its drug stores that it’s to the point where men have filed a lawsuit against a state-run store called Apoteket for failure to sell sex toys for men even though it offers sex toys for women? In an article about the issue, one petitioner was quoted as saying that the stores had a "misguided and untrue view of sexuality whereby a woman with a dildo is seen as liberated, strong and independent, while a man with a blow-up plastic vagina is viewed as disgusting and perverted". The word from the company is that "there are no products of good quality for men on the market".

But there are! This is one reason why I enjoy consulting and providing education for companies that design, manufacture, or distribute sexual enhancement products – there is still so much to learn. There are indeed quite a few good toys available for men, women and couples.

Read the full article on the UK’s Metro web site.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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